How Can I Get More Twitter Followers

Well this is the question that I often ask to a lot of my friends who already have followers in 4 figures. As you may have guessed, I am neither a celebrity nor a CEO of any fortune 500 company. I am a normal person, just like you with a simple life and simple list of friends.

But still the craze to have a huge amount of followers does not see status or profession. We all want huge following, don’t we?

Okay so the answer to my question, IMO, is using a followers exchange program like Twiends or Traffup. These follower exchange programs enable you to get 100’s of followers every day. But just like everything else in this world, nothing is exactly free here as well. You too will have to follow some other users or do some other stuff to earn points for yourself that you can use to increase your own followers.

But these are not the 2 follower exchange programs out there. There are a 100 of other new or inexperienced websites that can get you more followers. But do we really have time to try all these websites? No! So let’s stick to 2 main players in this area – Traffup and Twiends. I’ve tried both and they both have their own pros and cons. I’ll now discuss their features in detail.

Twiends as the name suggests is mostly related with Twitter. Earlier they used to have a website and Facebook section but now their focus mainly is on Twitter.

Twiends Pros:

  • Old player so a large user base (community)
  • Sign in with Twitter feature

Twiends Cons:

  • Large community – more spam, more un-followings, more unwanted followers.
  • No additional features like websites or Retweets
  • Costly if you’d like to buy points
  • User-interface is common to a lot of other sites e.g. twimates so does not give a unique experience.

On the other hand, Traffup launched their operations earlier this year starting with the “websites” section. But their Twitter and recently launched Retweets section is gaining huge popularity.

Traffup Pros:

  • Easy interface and transparent points system
  • More options for users to earn points for themselves e.g. websites, followers or retweets.
  • Extremely cheap if you’ll prefer to buy points

Traffup Cons:

  • Relatively new so not a big community
  • FAQ section needs more questions

So which website is for me? Well this is really a personal choice but if you are looking to get quick followers irrespective of the quality or location then go for Twiends. However if you like your Twitter following to grow slowly and steadily with quality fan base then I’d recommend Traffup. If you plan to purchase points then Traffup is extremely cheap – 10 points for 1 cent. Yes you read it right.

My personal favorite is Traffup as I found their free retweets feature extremely useful.

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My First Post

Howdy! Since last one year I was planning to start a blog but was always getting busy by some personal or professional endeavors. Anyhow after my bitter experience with HubPages (more on this later), I decided not to waste a single minute on that site and here I am writing my first post on my new WordPress blog. I hope I’d be able to write something meaningful. Cheers!

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